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YOURGASM contains a masturbation egg, lubricant and 50 cards full of thrilling challenges. Every man is guaranteed some surprising pleasure during this liberating exploration of his own body and it introduces timulating methods to the many variations of masturbation. The exciting challenges stimulate different areas: breaking barriers of embarrassment, seduction, pleasure, fantasies, discovering new techniques, and erogenous and orgasmic zones that will make your ‘usual climax’ pale into insignificance! MAKE LOVE, START WITH YOURSELF YOURGASM helps you to discover what is really pleasurable to you. If you don’t know, how can your partner know? Give your sex life a boost and pleasure yourself or be pleasured by your partner, who can make you feel amazing by using the challenges. It is YOURGASM! CURIOUS? YOURGASM is available in two versions: one for women and one for men. Of course, partners can always swap the challenges…

Brand: Tease & Please