Hello, did you know?

Welcome to my very first blog!
I am the “Tannie” that own Cosettes, previously known as The Bedroom Bloemfontein. About two years ago I decided to leave the franchise I opened the shop under originally. The big reason for this decision was the fact that my shop and my vision for the shop did not fit into the vision of the franchise.
I believe that the little things in a relationship are the most important and that is how I got to the new name – Cosettes. One of the translated meanings of Cosette is “my little thing”. That and the fact that my husband loves the musical “Les Miserables”, gave birth to “Cosettes”
I love my shop and know that you would love it too, so if you have not been to the shop, do take the time to come and visit it OR follow this blog and I promise you that you will want to come and see it…..
It is a intimate boutique, where individuals and couples are welcome – without ANY APPOINTMENT. The shop is open during the week, on Saturdays and on most Public Holidays.
We have anything and everything to help you maintain or spice up your relationship. We offer this to you in a classy, relaxed atmosphere, where you can take your time and shop to your heart’s content. Situated in the quiet Chris Botha street, in Westdene, Bloemfontein, with ample parking at the back of the shop, discreet intimate shopping is for sure what we offer you.
Going forward I will tell you about some of the products that are available in the shop as well as online. Most important, I will share the details of our events with you. I specifically refrain from calling it services we provide, as this only causes confusion out there – given the “industry” we are in.
So, at the back of our shop we have a stunning venue. You can book this venue for your very own private party, being a bachelorette, birthday party, ladies night, book club, stock fell or whatever the occasion might be. At an all inclusive cost per head, we will provide you with the venue, food, drinks, standard decor, a dance lesson and an exclusive tour of our classy store. You also get the opportunity to shop. Pop us an e-mail and we will send you all the details. If you are curious about this, check out our Facebook page – The Bedroom Bloemfontein for pictures of some of our events. And while you are there, like us, please?
There you have it. Looking forward to the next blog already!