2018 after a very long silence….

We are going into this year, having 2 stores!

Yes, 2 stores, our Bloemfontein branch and now also Durbanville. What a journey it was, opening our second store – this one being in a shopping centre. Shop 7; Heritage Square in Durbanville. Planning the layout, making sure that everything in the store are placed correctly and having to work with a totally different layout than the old house our Bloemfontein store is in, was both scary and fun.

Everyone in the centre were so excited about the new “lingerie” store opening. We closed up the windows and had everyone guessing until the night before opening on the 4th of December!

Our store has a very soft, welcoming reception area, filled with stunning lingerie and a beautiful reception desk. With our “miniature” toy room peeping out from the corner. Behind the wall in reception we have a large fun room that has all our Shunga products, lubricants, edibles, novelties, games and a little bit of toys….

We decided NOT to close all our windows and have a open approach, exactly the way that we approach our beliefs in relationships. We have a display window, right at the corner of the shop and our sliding doors to the shop are also see through. This is a hit! We are open for just more than a month now and you would not believe the hype!

We change the display in the window every week. People have to walk past our store to use the centre’s toilets. They literally stop and stare or giggle, shame and some guys get a slap on the back of their head, because of looking at our display! Just mentioning that we DO NOT display toys….

We stated 2018 with a bang! We are causing a stir in Durbanville!