Me, myself and my Bloom…


The Bloom, by We-Vibe, is my first adult ‘accessory’, and I’m proud to say: Exercise has never been this fun!

The Bloom is specially designed to tone and strengthen the PC (pubococcygeus) muscles in the vagina. It has three progressive weights (10g, 30g and 45g) and it vibrates as well. I would say this product gives the best of both worlds!

It is a ‘clench-and-release’ exercise that strengthens the pelvic floor, treats urinary and fecal incontinence, makes it easier to achieve orgasms, and enhances our sensitivity to create astonishing climaxes. Kegel exercises can help recover the vaginal canal after birth, and the tightness you will achieve as a benefit will heighten arousal sensations for you and your partner.

I challenged the Bloom by doing the recommended exercise every day for two weeks. It was an adventurous experiment. Believe me when I say: It works! The exercise I find the most effective is squeezing your PC muscles for five seconds and then releasing for five seconds, and repeating the process for 15 minutes per day. I can feel a difference in how much easier the exercise is now.

You can connect your Bloom to the ‘we-connect’ app after downloading it from your smartphone app store. From there you can control the 10 different vibration modes. I used it as my personal remote to adjust the power of the vibrations in public. You can even be a bit naughty and let your lover tease you with their own choice of vibrations.

The Bloom is waterproof, which makes it effortless to clean. There is a USB power cable included to charge the device when the low power alert comes on. The Bloom will last up to 90 minutes of continuous use, after one 90-minute charge.

The Bloom is made from body-safe silicone, phthalate and is BPA (bisphenol) and latex free. I would highly recommend adding lube with your purchase for more comfortable insertion.

There is a We-Vibe lube sample included for you to test.

A soft, satin bag is included with your Bloom, so your toy has a clean and luxurious storage.

The Bloom doubles as a play toy too, so can be used for clitoral and internal stimulation on your own, or with a partner. See it as a reward for working so hard with your Kegel exercises!

We-Vibe provides a two-year warrantee.

I’m so satisfied with my choice and I’m convinced that you will be too!

____The Kid______